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Address: Leal Communications & Informatics, Motorway 1 , Pailles.

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Yes, you can pre-order an item. Delivery delay is 2-3 weeks depending on stock availability.

Products sold by Leal Communications and Informatics Ltd are covered by manufacturer’s warranty against defects in material and workmanship during the warranty period. Leal Communications and Informatics Ltd will at its sole option, repair or replace the product with a similar products in case manufacturing defect is identified during the warranty period.


All repairs performed under warranty and/or replacement of the equipment must be exclusively carried out by Leal Communications and Informatics Ltd.


Leal Communications and Informatics Ltd shall make all reasonable effort to repair or replace the faulty equipment according to  manufacturer’s procedures and return back the equipment in good running conditions.


Replacement or exchange of equipment will be effected either with a similar model or in case of the equipment is discontinued, by an equivalent product bearing the same current value as approved by manufacturers at their own discretion.

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